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What is the dermaroller?

The dermaroller is a simple medical-surgical device but it is extremely effective and has numerous uses in medicine and aesthetic surgery. Practically, it is a small roller, on to which numerous microscopic needles are fitted which, when passed several times over the skin, is able to produce pin-shaped micro-perforations which in turn stimulate a repairing process with the resulting new formation of collagen and an improvement in the condition of the skin itself. The principle on which it is based is very simple: by causing micro-perforations through the skin, as far as the top part of the dermis we produce a complex stimulus, with a stimulation of the cells and release of growth factors (cytokines and lymphokines) and oxygen coming from the red blood cells and platelet activating factors. The stimulation, which is superficial, medium or deep (according to the length of the needles fitted) of the dermis, which is triggered in this way, causes a new production of collagen, but without destroying the epidermis. It is an outpatient treatment which is not very painful, without particular side-effects, without a reduction in one’s social life, which can be repeated after 1-2 months and can be combined harmoniously with other methods, like peeling or photo dynamic therapy. Right from the first session the repairing of the skin, which is triggered by the treatment, begins to produce new collagen with a progressive bio restructuring of the skin, an increase in cellular renewal and a reduction in lesions like micro wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. In fact, this treatment is able to decidedly improve the skin’s texture, and is particularly efficacious on acne scars, but it also has numerous other indications, like micro wrinkles, traumatic burn scars, stretch marks, areas of depigmentation, areas of skin thickening from excessive exposure to the sun, the revitalization of areas like the face, decolleté, hands and the arms.

Contraindications dermaroller

Dermarollers are also useful for all those therapies in which it is useful to get the active ingredient to penetrate mechanically into the dermis (photo dynamic, peeling with retinoids, therapy for hairloss, cellulite therapy).

Since it is a mechanical therapy and is slightly invasive we have some contraindications for its use, Generally, this treatment is not advisable in the case of active infections of the area, coagulation disorder, scarring disorder, skin cancers, active acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, large moles.

Treatment with dermaroller

In practice, after having anaesthetized the part with an anaesthetic cream which is left in place for half an hour, the treatment begins and last from 5-15 minutes according to the area to be treated. When the treatment is over the area will be red, or, according to the type of roller used, there may even be some slight bleeding. A soothing and eutrophic medication is therefore applied. The skin will remain red for about 24 hours but it will be possible to go straight back to one’s social and working life, even if, obviously you must avoid being exposed to the sun. Generally, good results are obtained with 3-5 sessions.

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Foto trattamento con dermaroller
Foto trattamento con dermaroller
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