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What is intralipotherapy?

Localized adiposities are those areas of adipose tissue in excess that do not respond to dieting and remain as anti-aesthetical cushions, even in ideal weight conditions (generally on the abdomen, double chin, hips and the trochanteric regions). When these accumulations of fat are reduced in size, they can be treated, with a surgical lipoaspiration procedure, as well as with some non-surgical methods. Amongst these, the ones that boast the greatest experience, proven by scientific studies, are those techniques that base their effectiveness on the use of substances that are capable of breaking down the membranes of the adipose cells.

The active ingredients used for breaking down the adipose cells are made up of some bile salts (already normally present in our organism, as, for example, sodium deoxycholate) dissolved in a hypotonic solution. These active ingredients are present in a product called Aqualyx®, developed in Italy, which is authorized by the European controlling bodies for this type of treatment.

The method of infiltrating the tissues is called intra lipotherapy; that is because the infiltration occurs directly in the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the areas to be treated. This is carried out using special needles that have been designed specifically to minimize the discomfort and to reduce the number of injections. The areas to be infiltrated are drawn out in advance as a precaution with the patient standing, exactly as is done for surgical liposuction, to be sure of selectively destroying the areas with localized adiposity.

Intralipotherapy treatment

The treatment requires not more than 10-15 minutes, is only slightly uncomfortable and is carried out as an outpatient. After the treatment some localized inflammation will be noted, which is characterized by some tenderness and swelling. The inflammatory reaction is followed by a progressive reduction of the volume and the thickness of the area that has been treated, which takes about two months to complete. This is why the sessions are normally spaced out at two monthly intervals.

Effects of intralipotherapy

In general, results are produced with 4-5 sessions. It is difficult to obtain further improvements beyond 6-7 sessions, even if, obviously, there is some variability in the results from one patient to another. The common after-effects are linked to the inflammatory reaction following the injections, and therefore are swelling, pain and tenderness of the area treated (which can last from a few days to two weeks), whilst there are no general side effects.

This is a method that is widely tried and tested all over the world. Dr Salti has contributed to its becoming well-known with scientific studies published in important International journals, specifying that it does not substitute the surgical operation, but is certainly a supplementary treatment both for maintaining results and for treating cases of minor entity. It is necessary to stress that the ideal candidates for this type of treatment are those patients who have localized adiposity in normal weight conditions: it is NOT a slimming method and, therefore, is basically useless in overweight patients, who need only to lose weight with a suitable diet.

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