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What is mesotherapy?

The word mesoterapy indicates a particular way of introducing medicines, which are injected intradermally into the affected area (for this reason it is also, and more correctly, called district intradermotherapy).

At the base of the way it works is the concept of injecting very low doses of active ingredient directly into the problem area, so as to obtain maximum effectiveness in the area of action and the minimum risk of systemic side-effects. Mesotherapy is recommended in conditions of a regional type, as, for example, rheumatic conditions and conditions of the organs of movement.

Mesotherapy effects

In aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy is widely used in the treatment of pannicolopaties and of lipodistrophies (commonly known as “cellulite”), of the vein-lymphatic insufficiency of the lower limbs, and of skin rejuvenation (where it is known as biostimulation or bio-rivitalization).

It is important to stress that the effect of the treatment does not derive from the method itself but from the active ingredients that are used, so that, even if, over the years, the term mesotherapy has become a synonym for a cellulite cure, the effects of the treatment depend on the active ingredients used. As in every medical problem, before passing on to the choice of treatment (even that of mesotherapy), it is necessary to make a diagnosis and establish which is the most suitable medicine, or medicines for that type of problem. Since, moreover, pharmacological active ingredients are used, it is possible, even if rarely, to have allergic reactions, which are the only significant side-effect of mesotherapy.

How is mesotherapy?

The procedure is extremely simple and comprises the injection of the active ingredient that is infiltrated using a short simple needle directly into the area to be treated. The treatment is slightly uncomfortable but absolutely bearable and aims at restoring the physiology of the area of skin in question. At the end of the treatment, as an after effect there may remain the marks of the injections and/or some small bruising which will disappear spontaneously within a few days, during which time it is best not to expose oneself to the sun or to UV radiation.

Usually a cycle of mesotherapy comprises from 8 to 15 sittings, partly according to the active principles used, which are followed by sessions every fortnight or monthly to stabilize the results achieved. Obviously, according to the type of problem to cure, the treatments can be combined with other methods. As a rule, almost every method used in aesthetic medicine and surgery can be combined with mesotherapy without problems.

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