Autotransplantation of hair

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Hair loss

Baldness is one of the most common problems for which men resort to aesthetic surgery. The condition (known as androgenetic alopecia) has a hormone based development, which is conditioned by one’s own family genetics. The areas that are usually affected by the progressive loss of hair are on the forehead and above it, and this depends mainly on the fact that in the hair bulbs in these areas, there is a greater amount of enzymatic activity. This is able to transform the testosterone into a more powerful form, which causes the progressive thinning and then the death of the follicle. The hairs in the temporal and occipital areas, on the other hand do not suffer from this problem, and this is useful, because if we transplant them into the bald areas, then the hair restoration is definitive.

Hair autotransplantation surgery

The surgical autotransplantation operation is, today, the only valid, scientifically proven, method for this problem. The operation is carried out under a local anaesthetic and consists of harvesting a strip of hair from the occipital or temporal area, cutting it into small grafts made up of 1-3 bulbs each. The donor area is then stitched and the grafts are implanted in the area to be treated. With this technique, single follicular units are transplanted and very natural results are obtained, without an artificial look in the transplant area.

The operation takes time (3-5 ore) but is completely comfortable and the patient can go straight home. In the following days there will be some swelling and marks in the area treated. The main limitation of the operation is that, in a single session we cannot achieve a similar amount of thickness to the natural one. Therefore, several operations will be needed in which to reach a good thickness. Before undergoing any medical aesthetic treatment it is essential to have precise and realistic expectations and it is, for this reason, that it is our priority to supply you with all the possible information regarding that treatment and its therapeutic alternatives.

Because the information available on this site is of a general nature and does not claim to be complete, it is not, in any way, a substitute for the individual physician’s opinion. Consequently, a direct assessment is required to have a clinical opinion. On that occasion it will be our concern to give you precise, accurate information on the procedures that could be used in your specific case. Therefore, we invite you to request all the information and all the consultations necessary, before making a decision regarding a particular kind of treatment or an operation. Naturally a careful assessment of each single, clinical case takes time and requires experience. For this reason the informative type of consultation is not free of charge and the tariffs of the treatments or the operations can only be given to you after a careful individual consultation.

For the same reasons all the medicals required after a procedure are free of charge. Furthermore, all patients can call at any time or ask for an out-of-hours check-up, when necessary. Confidentiality is of fundamental importance in medicine and surgery, and it is even more so in the field of aesthetics. Dr Salti and his colleagues consider professional confidentiality to be a primary requirement in respecting the historical tradition in medicine and the current rules in force.

Foto dopo l'autotrapianto di capelli
Foto autotrapianto di capelli
Foto autotrapianto di capelli
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