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What is the blepharoplastyc?

Blepharoplasty operations are carried out to correct “eyelid bags” and to remove excess skin in the eyelids. The intervention has the purpose to correct the tired aspect of the gaze, which is often the first sign of aging of the face.

In the upper lid there is often, over the years, an excess of skin, which can sometimes get to be so important to reduce the visual field. Also often it is associated with the presence of fat bags to be removed, usually in the inner part of the orbit. In the lower eyelid what is usually most obvious are the excess fat bags, arranged along the entire eyelid. Often there is also an excess of skin and a loss of tone of the skin of this area. The end result is usually in a more rested appearance. The project also allows you to improve and make it less obvious, but not completely eliminate wrinkles on the outside of the eye (the so-called crow's feet), these may be better treated with botulinum toxin. The intervention does not also corrects the "dark circles", which should rather be filled with a filler or with fat, or change the pigmentation often present on the lower eyelid skin. In some cases the intervention of blepharoplasty is combined with that of brow lift or suspension with wires, for a more natural result.

Blepharoplastyc surgery

The operation is performed comfortably under local anesthesia or sedation for patients more anxious or if you provide more surgical time, and usually requires no post-operative hospitalization. The skin resection is extremely limited, and also the fat bags are removed only partially. Once proceeded to suture the incision, it is helpful to apply ice on the eyes in the immediate postoperative, and sleep with your head elevated during the first days post-operative. After only three days will be taken off the points, and obviously can be seen for the first days of the signs and the post-operative swelling.

The postoperative usually involves minimal pain manageable with an ordinary painkiller. Swelling and bruising may be more or less evident from patient to patient, and will most likely resolve in 5-10 days, but can be helped by a draining massage performed by an expert. After about a week you can resume social and working life. The result becomes final after 1-2 months. After a short time the scars will be completely unapparent. The result that is obtained can be considered final. The blepharoplasty surgery can be conducted, depending on the directions, on the upper eyelids, on the lower or on both simultaneously, and can be achieved in isolation or in combination with other procedures.

Effects of blepharoplastyc

With this surgery is a considerable rejuvenation of the eye and then around the face. So, beyond its apparent technical simplicity and of small surgical trauma, it is one of the most delicate and precise interventions that exist in cosmetic surgery.

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