Eyebrow lift

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What is the eyebrow lift?

An ill-positioned or sagging eyebrow contributes to giving a tired, sad look to the face: a raised eyebrow, on the contrary, contributes notably to the attractiveness of the face. Often, during the ageing process there is a lowering of the whole eyebrow complex with a tired look in the eyes. Lifting the eyebrow produces the aesthetic effect of a wider opening of the upper eyelid with a more alert, youthful gaze. Its position should be above the upper orbital border, positioned almost in a straight line in men, whilst it should be slightly curved upwards in women. It is an operation which is often suggested by the specialist to patients who asks for an eyelid operation, because the latter is not always able to produce an improvement in the area of the eyebrows.  This procedure is not necessarily carried out on mature people, on the contrary, it is often a young patient who wants an eyebrow lift and whose only aim is to obtain an aesthetic change in her gaze.

Techniques for eyebrow lift

There are various techniques, both surgical and non surgical, to carry out an eyebrow lift, and in particular of the corner of the eye, that is the external half.  An attractive and effective correction can be achieved, non-surgically, thanks to the use of botulinum toxin, which can produce excellent results thanks to the selective reduction of the contractile strength of some muscles, particularly in young patients with good skin elasticity. The treatment, also linked to the use of a filler, is rapid to carry out in expert hand, produces good results but is also reversible so it needs to be repeated after about 4-6 months.

Another possibility is offered by the positioning of contour suspension threads, which are inserted in the subcutaneous layer of the fronto-temporalis region, allowing the tissues to be lifted and fixed higher up with only one suture point.

Finally we have the possibility of correcting the position of the eyebrow both surgically, in conjunction with other surgical operations, such as upper blepharoplasty in particular, or as an isolated procedure. In general the lifting of the eyebrows produces very satisfying results since it produces a large improvement, not only of the specific area but actually of the whole face with quite a rapid post operative process. Traditional surgery, via a small incision in the hairline, allows the surgeon to detach and smooth upwards the area of the external third of the eyebrow, ironing out the skin in the temporal area and the so-called “crows feet” making the gaze more open and luminous.  The operation is carried out under local anaesthetic, often together with a light sedation. At the end of the operation a stabilizing medication pack is supplied.

Eyebrow lift surgery

The operation does not require a stay in hospital.  Naturally there will be post-operative swelling and bruising linked to the trauma in the region of the temples and eyelids, but recovery takes places in a few days.  In time it is obviously possible to lose part of the result obtained but in general with this type of surgical procedure the results are stable and long-lasting.  The post-operative pain is not particularly intense and is well controlled with painkillers.  The medication is removed after 48-72 hours and the stitches are generally taken out around the 7th-10th day after the operation. Some rare but possible complications need mentioning, such as the formation of haematomas which may need draining, and the possible distress to some nerves in the area, which may create a numbing sensation and reduced mobility which is usually temporary and in time clears up spontaneously.  The scars are hidden by the hair and are virtually invisible, but sometimes they can widen by a few millimetres.

The result is definitive and remains stable for a few years.

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Foto lifting del sopracciglio
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