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What is the gluteoplasty?

Gluteal augmentation is a procedure that allows the improvement of buttocks that are flat or underdeveloped or which have lost the muscle tone of youth over the years.  Similar to breast augmentation, gluteal augmentation is used to improve structural asymmetry or to emphasize the natural shape. It is an operation that is very popular in Latin America, but which is also taking hold in people of European origin, particularly since there have been alternative methods to the use of silicon implants.

What are the various techniques gluteoplasty?

Implants with silicone polymer prosthetic devices, as well as being a much more invasive procedure, have a post-operative period which is burdened with greater pain, with a higher risk of complications and a longer post-operative period. The use of the transplant of fat (lipofilling) and of polymers of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane®) has brought a great innovation to this sector, with a much simpler methodology, minimum post-operative pain and considerably shorter recovery times,  When one chooses to use one’s own adipose tissue, there is a further benefit in that, by taking the fat from the donor herself, for example from the abdomen, the patient also has the benefit of obtaining a liposculpture in the area in which it is taken.  In fact, the best results in modelling the buttocks are obtained by carrying out liposculpture on the hips and trochanteric area, in this way creating a global treatment of the silhouette of the body. Obviously an essential prerequisite for this type of procedure is the availability of superfluous fat in other parts of the body. As in any lipofilling procedure, a part of the fat is reabsorbed and therefore there may be a need to repeat the operation more than once to obtain the required results.

The use of hyaluronic acid on the other hand has the great advantage of the speed of the procedure and the possibility of adopting it even in those patients in which there is not sufficient donor tissue, but, because hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable compound, it gives a result that can be maintained in time by repeating the treatment at a later stage.

Surgery gluteoplasty

The procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic, but there may be a need for sedation when it is linked to a more significant liposculpture.  The incisions are of a very small size and masked in the natural creases (intergluteal and subgluteal). At the end of the operation a support dressing is applied and this has to remain in place for at least a week.  In the postoperative period it is useful to use “push-up” tights.  The slight postoperative pain is easily checked with ordinary painkillers.  During the first two weeks after the operation it is advisable to avoid the sitting position as much as possible and also physical exercise involving the gluteal muscle.  Subsequently all normal muscular activity is allowed.

Foto gluteoplastica
Foto gluteoplastica
Foto gluteoplastica
Foto gluteoplastica