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What is the laser lift?

The Asclepion Quadro Star Plus laser enables us to redefine the lower contours of the face thanks to its combined action on the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the lower third of the oval.  In fact, the laser allows us to improve the tightening of the skin, which is typical of ageing, in the lower third of the face, by means of the selective heating of the tissues of the dermis and the subcutaneous tissues of the area in question and to also to carry out the selective lipolysis of the areas with the accumulation (swelling at the sides of and below the chin, in substance the so-called “jowls” and “double-chin”).  The laser operates via the use of an optic fibre that emits energy at 980 nm and is introduced subcutaneously through tiny incisions in the cutis and is run under the skin using to and fro movements. This creates a double effect: the heating and the melting of the excess adipose tissue  along the jawline and in the area of the double chin, and the heating of the dermis with a resulting contraction (lifting effect) and the stimulation to produce new collagen elastic fibres (bio restructuring).

Laser lift surgery

The procedure requires the interruption, at least 10 days prior to the treatment, of all medication containing acetylsalicylic acid, non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and Vitamin E.  Moreover, you should stop smoking for at least two weeks before and at least two weeks after the operation.  The operation is carried out under a local anaesthetic, sometimes in conjunction with sedation, for the patient’s better comfort and it lasts from 30 minutes to two hours. After the local anaesthetic has permeated the area some mini incisions are made (generally at the corner of the mandible and under the chin) and the laser fibre is inserted, guided by a fine cannula, which is used for sucking the adipose tissue that has been emulsified by the laser.  The laser is also fitted with a second fibre with a 532 nm wave-length which is used in the same way in all those cases in which we want maximum cutaneous retraction.  Once the operation is over, small plasters are placed on the access holes (in rare cases a stitch may be necessary) and a pressure bandage is put on which must be kept in place for at least a week.

Effects of laser lift

There may be some swelling, even significant, in the post-operative period, which may last for 7-10 days.  Some localized pain is possible, but can be kept in check with common painkillers, as well as bruising, which tends to disappear spontaneously, together with a tight sensation which is typical of this procedure. Amongst the possible side-effects we should mention possible asymmetry, which is often very slight and can be corrected at a later date,  post-operative bleeding with the formation of a haematoma , which is generally slight and can be remedied with medication, and small nervous traumas, which are reversible and can cause paraesthesia  or movement deficit for a few days.

The elimination of the excess adipose tissue of the lower third of the face and the tightening of the skin which is achieved give the face a more relaxed and youthful appearance.  The result is obviously conditioned by many factors, such as the age of the patient, the quality of the skin, the amount of fat present, the bone structure and hormonal influences.  The results may be considered to be stable for several years, but they do not halt ageing.  It is evident that with respect to the traditional operation there are limits, such as not re-sectioning skin but just tightening it, but there are also advantages like the fact of having no scars.

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