Degenza Tipo di anestesia Effetti
1-2 giorni Locale Ringiovanimento

What is the lip lifting?

The treatment of the lips, both for rejuvenating or for enhancing purposes, is usually carried out via the use of fillers.  However, in the case of very thin lips without forward projection the increase or the treatment with a filler can lead to an unnatural appearance and is, therefore, not advisable. Instead, in these cases, it is beneficial to achieve an eversion of the upper lip thanks to a small operation to shorten the line of the white lip between the nose and the red lip and at the same time lift and rotate the upper lift forwards.

Lip lifting surgery

The operation is carried out under local anaesthetic and involves making an incision at the base of the nose (the so-called “bull-horn” incision) and pulling the upper lip upwards. This is then fixed into its new position. The only post-operative  problems are a slight swelling and some limitation of the movements of the mouth, whilst the small residual scar is practically invisible after a time. The result is permanent.

Once the lip has assumed its new position it is also possible to treat it with a filler to improve its appearance further.

Foto lifting del labbro
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