Remodelling the body with hyaluronic acid

Why do you use hyaluronic acid for remodelling the body?

The redefinition of body profiles is now a priority issue in the cosmetic surgery industry. In some cases there may be the need, aesthetic or corrective, to restore the lost volumes of the body as a result of trauma, surgery, or simply aging. In other cases, the request may come from the desire to visually emphasize certain areas of the body. The use of own fat (lipofilling) represents in these cases the best solution and more natural, but not always the patient has available a sufficient amount of fat to the correction required or desired. One of the biggest innovations of recent years has been the introduction in the clinical use of hyaluronic acid to restore the body volumes. Macrolane® is a hyaluronic acid gel, hyaluronic not different from the gels which are used for the face for many years. Hyaluronic acid is a product known for a long time: it is well tolerated, is an integral part of our fabrics in its natural state and in our bodies is gradually reabsorbed. The gel has chemical characteristics are absolutely identical to the gel for facial use Restylane® (is manufactured by the same company) and is composed of stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and water, but the physical characteristics slightly different that make it more consistent and suitable for injection into the subcutaneous body districts. The product was in fact delivered exclusively to recover volumes and redefine the contours of the extra-facial districts, such as, for example, buttocks and calves. The gel also allows to correct the unsightly concavity of the body like for example some post-traumatic scars or loss of tissue subsequent to surgical events. The treatment with this minimally invasive procedure involves a whole series of advantages, such as the absence of hospitalization, the short period of recovery, the use of a natural product, the immediate results and the possibility of obtaining a customized solution. The product has a remarkable safety, in fact, the NASHA gel has 15 years of experience in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery, with more than 14 million treatments worldwide.

Hyaluronic acid treatment

The gel comes in pre-filled sterile, disposable syringes, and is injected, under local anesthesia and under antibiotic cover, the area to be treated to create volume. Treatment results are instant and lasting, although not definitive. The effects of a single treatment with Macrolane can last up to 20 months, that is until the body does not have all the gel slowly metabolized. For even more lasting, simply undergo further treatments to maintain results. Normally an annual follow-up treatment guarantees the correction.

Once the treatment is finished, you can immediately return to their daily activities, but you should avoid intense exercise and all activities which involve a continuous pressure on the treated area during the first 3-4 weeks of treatment.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid

An advantage of Macrolane consists in the fact that when it is injected does not require the necessary hypercorrections when using the adipose tissue to ensure a good engraftment. Moreover, this treatment reduces the concerns related to traditional surgery, which usually requires general anesthesia, can leave more extensive scarring and may expose you to risks of medical and surgical nature. After the procedure you can spot some common local reactions such as redness, swelling, tenderness, pain, bruising. These reactions usually resolve spontaneously within a few days. During the first weeks after the treatment you should avoid any activity that may create pressure on the treated area, and avoid exposing the treated area to sources of intense heat or cold.

Increased and remodelling of glutes

Macrolane is a viable alternative to the insertion of implants or fat tissue transplants. The treatment of the buttocks with Macrolane is performed in surgical clinic, under local anesthesia, and takes about 1 hour. The post-operative discomfort is minimal, there are no visible scars, you do not have post-operative difficulties that are common after the prosthesis implantation, but will require a certain degree of caution in the sit and applying pressure on the treated part for the first two weeks after surgery.

Increased and remodelling of calfs

Even in this case, Macrolane represents a good alternative to the insertion of implants or to adipose tissue transplantation. The treatment of the calf Macrolane is performed in surgical clinic, under local anesthesia, and takes about 45 minutes. The post-operative discomfort is minimal, there are no visible scars, and the only limitation will be to bring a bandage for the first 7 days post-operative, reducing the physical activity.

Other indications: Macrolane can be used in many other regions of the body, such as the arms, the chest muscles, some natural depression or post-traumatic, depressed scars, some excessive liposuction outcomes etc…

Macrolane is NOT indicated for the contouring or breast augmentation because it can interfere with the radiological evaluation of the mammary gland.

Foto rimodellamento corporeo con utilizzo di acido ialuronico
Foto rimodellamento dei glutei con acido ialuronico
Foto rimodellamento corporeo con acido ialuronico
Rimodellamento corporeo con Macrolane