Thread lifting

Degenza Tipo di anestesia Effetti
1-2 giorni Locale Ringiovanimento

What is the thread lifting?

The tendency to look for facial rejuvenation in a more and more natural, possibly with minimally invasive techniques characterized by rapid postoperative recovery and minimal risk has led to the study and application of innovative methods that base their effectiveness on tissue suspension subcutaneous avoiding surgical incisions, the detachments and scars.

Amongst the various minimally invasive procedures for facial rejuvenating one of the most innovative is the technique of lifting with suspension threads. The procedure consists of a small operation on an outpatient basis under a local anaesthetic in which fine barbed threads (a kind of barbed wire) are inserted into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. These threads are reabsorbable and remain inside the skin for several months, but they are neither visible nor palpable and, thanks to the barbs along the threads, create traction of the skin which is maintained as time goes by.

Thread lifting surgery

The operation consists in piercing the skin with a needle, inside which the said thread runs, in positioning the threads and making them taut, which involves anchoring them with a surgical stitch. In this way the tissues acquire traction according to the direction and the tension applied to the threads. Then an elasticated plaster is applied, to be kept in place for a few days. The operation requires no hospital stay and the patient can go straight home. There are various areas where the threads can be inserted: we can raise the outer end of the eyebrow, or improve the contours of the face and the sagging of the cheeks, or carry out a multiple procedure with the application of several threads.

Effects of thread lifting

bviously this procedure can be combined with all the other non-invasive methods, like the use of fillers, botulinum toxin or lasers.

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