Biorevitalization with platelet rich plasma

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What are the platelets?

The platelets are the normal components of the blood and are rich in a series of growth factors which are useful, not only for the coagulation of the blood, to which the platelets are dedicated, but also for the subsequent re-generation of tissues, for example in the area of a wound. The platelets contain substances which allow the functional activation of the cells of the connective tissues, the growth of the blood vessels and the proliferation and activation of the fibroblast, the skin cells which are responsible for the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The availability of platelet concentrates therefore allows to start and activate those regenerative mechanisms that are fundamental for the good functioning of the fabric.

Effects of biorevitalization with plasma

The use of platelet derivatives has extensive scientific evidence and is used in many branches of medicine (dentistry, orthopedics, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, etc.) for the regeneration of tissues. The injection introduction with aesthetic purpose of these factors in the skin causes a metabolic activation by then, the effect of stimulation and rejuvenation. The bioregeneration with platelet-rich plasma thus represents a totally biological and natural treatment that allows to restore the best vital conditions of the skin, with a consequent improvement sull''estetica effect of the skin and a restoration of optimal physiological skin parameters. This treatment also allows to boost the effectiveness and the duration of any other treatments performed in combination.

Treatment biorevitalization with plasma

The treatment may be indicated both in young skins such as prevention, both in mature skin as a treatment of skin aging. The procedure is performed, as every method of bio-revitalization, occurred on the face, neck, décolleté, back of the hands, abdomen, arms and thighs. Being an autologous material (derived from your blood) we are sure to exclude any possible form of allergic reaction or rejection and all risks associated to 'use of natural molecules farmacologica.Il treatment is fully ambulatory, it does not require any anesthesia and it is performed prior to the patient's blood sample, which is processed in such a way as to obtain only the plasma and platelets, which can then be re-injected in the form of gel-fluid in the patient's skin itself. The procedure takes about half an hour for its execution, which consists of a series of micro-injections carried out by means of thin needles .. This is not a treatment with filler purpose but bio revitalizing, and you run through on normal injections, as those of any treatment of biostimulation . It is possible the formation of a slight redness or itching in the treated areas. Sometimes small bruises can occur, as with any other injecting treatment and a slight swelling, which usually disappears within a few hours. There are no side effects of generale.In type typically run multiple sessions (each month but also more rarely), in cycles that are repeated annually. The results become appreciable progressively in the course of the treatments with a progressive increase of turgor and firmness of the skin. The extent and duration of results are variable depending on the starting situation and the general conditions of paziente.I results are those of a natural bio-stimulation, and then a gradual overall improvement of the skin in all its parameters, aesthetic and functional. The method is so perfectly integrated with all the other possible medical procedures or cosmetic surgery. Undergo it regularly improves skin quality, but not to correct existing flaws such as wrinkles, furrows, spots. life, hormonal influences. We are therefore, like any other medical-surgical treatment, individual responses, more or less significant, the use of PRP. Another interesting use of platelet rich plasma is what is done by applying it locally after ablative laser treatments which can lead to a faster and better healing of the tissue undergoes resurfacing. The same mechanism of action is exploited when using it after use of the dermaroller, always with the aim of reinforcing the regenerative stimulus and accelare healing.

Foto effetti della biorivitalizzazione con plasma
Foto effetti sulla pelle della biorivitalizzazione con plasma
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Foto effetti biorivitalizzazione con plasma ricco di piastrine