Lipofilling with stem cells

Degenza Tipo di anestesia Effetti
1-2 giorni Locale Ringiovanimento

What is the lipofilling?

Lipofilling is the transplant of one’s own adipose tissue from one area to another to restore volumes. The loss of volume in some areas of the face, as in the area of the cheekbones, the cheeks and the mandibular line represents a classic sign of ageing, but can also be structurally present in young people or after losing weight. These areas of hollowing can be restructured in a natural and safe manner, by using a transplant of one’s own fat (lipofilling or auto lipo-transplantation). The transference of the fat corresponds to a totally biological alternative to other filling treatments. Lipofilling of the face and the body is a natural method, which is safe and without any immune or allergic risks, for redefining some areas of the face and body and, moreover, is even able to correct post-operative or post-traumatic defects.

Lipofilling is a surgical procedure which is carried out as an outpatient, in which the two treatment areas are anaesthetized with a local anaesthetic: one is the donor and the other is the receiver. The fat is extracted from the donor area (usually the abdomen, buttocks or thighs) using a fine cannula for liposuction and a syringe. Once the fat has been sucked out, it is treated to remove the excess liquids and is then re-injected into the area needing extra volume using a thin cannula. The process can be repeated several times, until the desired correction is obtained, as a part of the injected fat (about 50-70%) is reabsorbed and only 30-50% takes hold in a lasting way. For a complete correction we normally programme from two to three treatments at a distance of six months to a year from one to the other.

Lipofilling with stem cells

Today we know that adipose tissue is the adult organ which is richest in stem cells. These cells are important for their rejuvenating effect on the tissues because they are able to convert themselves into new connective cells (not only adipose cells but also other cells of the connective tissue). This allows lipofilling to give the tissues a decidedly anti-ageing effect, in particular to the skin.

Lipofilling treatment

Nowadays, it is possible, with relatively simple methods, like centrifugation, to increase the concentration of the stem cells present in the adipose tissue. In this way we can then re-inject a fat which is rich in stem cells and which has a better capability to take hold and to regenerate.

In the near future we will probably manage to use only the stem cells, after having treated the fat in the laboratory, and this will open new horizons for medicine.

Foto dopo il trattamento di lipofilling
Foto cellula staminale
Foto trattamento ai capelli con lipofilling
Foto trattamento lipofilling con cellule staminali