Stem cells

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What are the stem cells?

Stem cells are immature cells which are normally present in the tissues of embryos and are able to convert themselves, according to the requirements, into various cellular lines. The discovery of their presence in some mature tissues (in particular fat) has opened up great possibilities in medicine because of their enormous therapeutic potential. The relatively easy way in which they are obtained, via a small liposuction procedure, and the fact that they derive from adult tissues, allows all the problems of a technical and above-all ethical nature regarding the use of stem cells from embryos, to be annulled.

Stem cells treatment

Once the stem cells have been harvested by liposuction, together with the adipose cells, they can be re-injected, immediately, together with the fat itself or with a platelet gel with the aim of improving or amplifying the function of these biological materials. But they can also be preserved so that they can be used in the future. By using some high-tech methods (Lipokit®, Cryosave®) it is possible to have at one’s disposal advanced systems for making use of stem cells derived from fat, for regenerative purposes. In this case, too, the first step is to collect the adipose tissue, via micro liposuction. The tissue that is obtained in this way is then sent to a specialized laboratory, which, thanks to sophisticated technologies, is able to expand the cellular culture, obtaining a much greater number of stem cells than in the original tissue. These cells can be preserved indefinitely and re-expanded for clinical use every time they are needed. In fact, the treatment requires the cells obtained in this way to be re-injected into the desired areas, where they will convert into mature cells, similar to those in the host tissue.

The procedure takes a few months from the time of collecting the cells to the cellular expansion and re-implant. But it has already produced excellent results, both aesthetically and with respect to how long it lasts.

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