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Palomar “Starlux500”

The Palomar “Starlux500” high powered system combines fourth generation pulsed light and laser and is an extremely versatile system which is able to supply a wide spectrum of medical aesthetic treatments that can be carried out in absolute safety. Moreover, it has an active cooling system which functions on contact and is at the cutting edge in cooling technology and consequently in safety. As explained, the system is made up of different handsets, with which it is possible to tackle multiple problems, even, and above-all, combine them into a global therapeutic programme, which offers natural and lasting results over time.
The 3 handsets, which grant the system maximum therapeutic performance, are called Lux G, 1540, and Lux Deep IR.

Palomar “LUX G” handset

This is a polychromatic pulsed light with a wavelength of 500-670nm and the duration of the pulsations is variable according to the type of treatment to be carried out. The applications of this light are for discolouring of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and arms, be they of a pigmentary origin (solar keratoses, senile freckles, solar freckles etc.), or of a vascular origin (teleangectasis, couperose, mulberry marks, cherry angiomas, spider angiomas, poikiloderma).The treatment is well tolerated by the patient and decidedly socializing: the sensation after treatment, which lasts some 1-2 hours, can be compared with what is felt after a long time in the sun, but it can be relieved by applying ice, combined with a zinc oxide based cream. As regards the treatment of hyper-pigmentation from photoageing it is possible, in the first-second week after the treatment, for these to darken and minor scabs may form which will tend to drop off and leave space for new healthy tissue. The sessions are repeated in variable numbers, according to the type of dyschromia and the phototype of the patient, at intervals of a month from one another.

The G light also allows us to treat vascular lesions at the same time, which are often associated with photoageing. In the case of isolated vascular lesions, the treatment allows for specific settings which enable us to treat blemishes, in only one session, which, in the past, required repeated treatments. The side-effects of the treatment on the vascular lesions are almost null, without purpura and with the formation of small micro-scabs, only in sporadic cases.
It is important to remember to use a photo-block cream to protect from the sun’s radiation (with a protection of at least 30 spf) for the full length of the treatment and for about 30 days after the last session, then timing the gradual exposure.

Palomar laser Lux 1540 Erbium-Glass

It is the chosen instrument for modern non ablative resurfacing thanks to fractioned technology. It has a wavelength of 1540nm, which is selective for non ablative photocoagulation of the cutaneous tissue. The way it works is based on the formation of networks of micro optic rays which create denatured micro areas in the skin, which are surrounded by healthy skin. This minimizes the entity of the lesions compared with the totality of the treatment, with a resulting increase in the margin of safety and with a highly socializing healing process, which is therefore not at all invasive, as in the traditional non fractioned resurfacing methods. The micro areas of thermal denaturing penetrate deep into the dermis, according to the type of handset and settings used, up to 1 mm, with the possibility of achieving an actual structural remodeling of the whole of the tissue. The areas of thermal microdenaturation, therefore, start to be substituted by newly formed tissue in a period of from 1-2 months.

Each treatment session can treat about 20/25% of the entire skin surface, and so the efficacy of the treatments, which starts to be visible after 2-3 sessions, is fully apparent after about 5 treatment sessions but continues to getter better over the following 6 months.
The applications are for the correction of micro wrinkles, benign epidermic pigmented lesions, (chloasma, melasma), scar tissues, stretch-marks, dilated pores, with a general improvement in the texture and the tone of the skin. The results are absolutely exciting for those lesions, which in the past had a scarce chance of being treated, such as scars and stretch-marks. The treatment of scars is effective both on depressed scars (acne scars) and on hypertrophic and even keloid scars. Even when the treatment is extensive, it is well tolerated, with a slight burning sensation for about 1-2 hours and mild redness on the treated area which disappears in 24-48 hours. If the periocular area is treated there may be some edema in the area for 48 hours. As a precaution it is essential to use a sun-screen with at least 30 spf and to apply a good moisturizer on the area to encourage the best result possible.
Without doubt, the fractioning of laser light epitomizes a historical evolution in dermatological laser surgery, and the 1540 is the strong point of this machine.

Infrared palomar deep IR

This handset exploits fractioned infrared light technology, creating well defined and controlled areas of hyperthermia and fractioned thermal denaturation in the reticular dermis, in the dermis-hypodermis junction and in the hypodermis, with a simultaneous cooling of the surface of the skin for maximum comfort. By using this method it is possible to obtain the contraction of the collagen molecules with an evident toning of the surface of the skin, a remodeling of the dermis-epidermis junction, a modification of the hypodermis fibrous fascia and the activation of the microcirculatory function. The result of all these mechanisms is greater skin tone and therefore the applications of the handset are all in those areas where there is elastotic skin, sagging and a loss of tone privileging gravity (abdominal sagging, and of the neck, lower jaw, the lower third of the face, etc.). The treatment is completely comfortable as the setting of the machine is carried out together with the patient; working therefore below the level of thermal discomfort. In this case, too, the fractioning allows the delivery of the energy to be discontinuous, with great safety and comfort for the patient. The results become apparent after a series of 5-6 treatments, with an interlude of 20-30 days between each one. No particular precautions are need with this instrument after the treatment other than the basic one of a correct use of cosmetics and a correct lifestyle.

Combinations. After an attentive discussion with the patient in order to understand her real and primary needs, it is possible to link together the use of the different handsets to obtain an even more satisfying, natural and complete result.

Palomar lux 1540 erbium-glass
Palomar Lux G
Palomar starlux 500