Laser epilation

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What is the laser epilation?

The progressive reduction of superfluous hair with the use of medical laser technologies is today the gold standard method, for its high level of effectiveness and safety. Obviously before proceeding with the therapy it is essential to have a diagnostic picture of the problem (hirsutism, hypertricosis, or simply unwanted hair) which must be carried out by a specialist, often with the need to carry out instrumental and laboratory tests, and in some cases with the support of other specialists (gynaecologists, endocrinologists).

The standard which is obtainable with today’s high energy medical laser technologies, coupled with appropriate cooling systems, is the progressive reduction of the growth of the hairs, so long as these are pigmented (or rather not white or very light). In general, the average number of sessions needed to obtain a significant reduction in the growth of the excess hairs is between 5 and 7, with an average lapse of between 1 and 3 months between them, according to the anatomical position and the speed of growth.

Which are the results of laser epilation?

The result of the treatments consists in a permanent epilation, in which, that is, there is a significant reduction in the number of terminal hairs that remain stable for a longer period of time with respect to the duration of the entire growth cycle of the hair, with a reduction in the absolute number of hairs, their possible substitution with finer hairs or not visible ones and finally a slowing-down of their growth. Normally there is a permanent reduction in the growth of about 10-30% per session.

Once the cycle of treatments is over it is advisable to wait 6-12 months to assess and possible new growth which will be treated in the same way. In fact, a periodic treatment for maintaining the results is planned because, although in many cases the epilation becomes complete and definitive, we cannot scientifically affirm that the laser photo-epilation methods are able to eliminate all of the hairs for ever. Therefore, the expectations of the patient should be limited to a slowing-down of the growth and a thinning of the shaft of the hair. Once a satisfactory result has been obtained it is advisable to maintain the result with 1-2 sessions per year, because to stop the treatment completely can, in time, lead to a gradual regrowth.

Laser epilation treatment

In our Institute, we have numerous pulsed light lasers at our disposal, which are suitable for obtaining excellent results (Alexandrite, Diodo, Neodimio-YAG, IPL) so that we can offer each patient a personalized solution, since the effectiveness of the treatment depends, as well as on the technologies, on the colour and thickness of the hair shafts, on the colour of the skin, the anatomical area, the hormone variables and on the working parameters of the machine. This explains why the assessment of the technology to be used always requires a preliminary direct clinical consultation, in which it may be necessary to carry out some spot tests to check out the response of that particular individual to that particular type of treatment. Usually, dark and sun-tanned skins are a problem and any exposure to the sun should be avoided before and after the photo-epilation procedure. Once it has been established that the treatment can be carried out, no particular precautions are needed and the normal epilation methods used up to that time can be continued, and can also be continued between one session and the next. The treatment requires no particular preparation other than to shave the area to be treated (the treatment does not target the hairs themselves but the follicles); it is only slightly uncomfortable but not painful and requires the application of a moisturizing cream straight after.

Effects of laser epilation

Complications are limited and rare if the treatments are carried out by a professional who is expert in the safety conditions required in medical laser procedures: the most common side-effect is a temporary alteration in the pigmentation, which usually fades spontaneously.

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