Laser treatment for benign cutaneous lesions

Degenza Tipo di anestesia Effetti
1-2 giorni Locale Ringiovanimento

What do the laser technology allow?

When the preliminary diagnosis is certain, the surgical-type laser technologies (CO2, Erbium: YAG), allow us to remove some benign skin lesions like keratoses, warts, flat warts, small fibroids etc. An indispensable requirement, before proceeding with the treatment, is to have a certain preliminary diagnosis, as surgical lasers are able to eliminate such lesions thanks to the vaporization of the tissue which is targeted by the laser beam, with its resulting destruction. For this reason it is impossibile to carry out a hystological test afterwards.

Treatment of cutaneous lesions

The treatment, which is not recommended on sun-tanned skin, does not require any kind of preparation and is generally simple, rapid and painless. Sometimes a light local anaesthetic can be needed in the case of more extensive lesions which, therefore, require the release of greater energy into the tissue. The laser beam causes the selective destruction of the cutaneous tissues and does not leave signs or evident scars. In the following days there may remain a small scab which generally drops off naturally after 5-10 days, leaving the skin tissue without the lesion. In some cases more than one session may be needed before reaching the desired result. It is important not to expose the treated area to the sun or to UV rays in the following days in order to avoid the risk of the skin, which is still sensitive following the treatment, becoming pigmented. The result is definitive, once the lesion has been eliminated, but some blemishes tend to come back of their own accord. They can, however, be treated again with the same method.

Foto trattamento laser delle lesioni cutanee
Foto trattamento delle lesioni cutanee con il laser
Foto lesioni cutanee trattate con laser
Foto trattamento delle lesioni cutanee con laser