Photorejuvenation with intense pulsed light (ipl)

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What is the pulsed light?

Pulsed light, unlike lasers, is a polychromatic light delivered with high energy by the machine and filtered for those wavelengths which are able to hit the target. The polychromatic light sources (intense pulsed light) permit non ablative methods of use, or rather without taking away cutaneous layers, and therefore without convalescence, on the alterations in colour (red dyschromias and brown spots) and on the quality of the skin, improving its texture, complexion and luminosity. The effect of photorejuvenation treatments with intense pulsed light is, in fact, basically to improve the red blemishes (widespread redness, dilated capillaries and venules, couperose) and brown ones (pigmentation, spots, sun damage) on the skin. The procedure is applicable even on extra-facial areas, like the neck, décolleté, arms and the hands.

Treatment of photorejuvenation with pulsed light

Photo-rejuvenation with intense pulsed light is a non-invasive procedure which is suitable for the majority of the problems linked to skin ageing in the most common skin types. Indeed it is possible to obtain excellent results, not only on the alterations of the colour (red and brown, focal and diffused), but also on the alterations in the compactness, the texture, the porosity and the fine, superficial micro wrinkles. The effect of the treatment, as well as on the pigmented targets, is, in fact, linked to the thermal stimulus on the skin, which is able to produce the functional activation of the connective tissue and of the epidermis. This effect is progressively visible in the weeks and months after the procedure and stabilizes in time, leading to stably good results. No preparation is required, other than making sure you are not sun-tanned. It is simple and rapid, not painful, does not involve any after-effects, apart from a slight redness in the hours following the treatment and it is generally repeated after 20-30 days for the number of sessions deemed sufficient to reduce the discoloured lesions significantly and to make the skin luminous.

Effects of photorejuvenation with pulsed light

The pulsed light methods of photo-rejuvenation are hence an optimal non-invasive solution to progressively improve the aspect of one’s skin without having to face a demanding post-operative period, which is all to the good of one’s social and work routine, which can resume immediately, without visible consequences. This type of treatment integrates perfectly, as well, in a global rejuvenating programme, using both the technologies and methods used in aesthetic medicine.

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Foto fotoringiovanimento con luce pulsata
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